2D Room eDesign Package

2D Room eDesign Package

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This Design package is for one 2D room design. All meetings will be conducted through video calls and email. 

What you receive

  • Video call to discuss your project
  • Contact with your designer throughout the project, to answer questions and help you through the decorating process
  • 2 concept designs 
  • 1 final design
  • floor plan - for furniture placement
  • Furniture choices
  • Paint colors
  • Material choices (artwork, mirrors, area rugs, pillows, lighting)
  • 2D rendering
  • Detailed list of furniture and materials with retailer information so you can purchase them at your own convenience. 

After you order, you will receive an email to get started and schedule your introductory video call.  

*This eDesign package is for one room. If you would like help with additional rooms,  purchase one package for each room so we can begin the projects simultaneously. 

*This is for a professional decorating design. Furniture and materials are not included, You will receive a shopping list of all items that you can purchase at your own convenience.

If you have any questions email, Linda@Twistedoakdecor.com