The Family Command Center

A perfectly designed command center is the optimal solution for today's families. With the ever changing times, it's so important to keep some consistency within your home. Many times these areas are in our kitchens and family rooms. As they should be in a common space with easy access,being organized doesn't need to be all function and no design. Choose organization items that compliment your decorating style. A low bookshelf or storage cabinet is a great starting point, remember to attach such items to the wall for safety. Above that item is the ideal location for cork boards or magnetic, white boards to hang all the important school papers, schedules and children's art work. Color code each family member. Whether it's a color coded calendar to remind your child of their next practice or colored bins to stash their belonging's, these small changes help to keep everything in it's place and on task. Always have everything easily accessible for homework and craft time. Think outside the box when looking for storage, such as a vase to hold pens and paintbrushes. Mason jars make wonderful see through storage containers and plastic versions are available for a safer solution. Elevating some items are more pleasing to the eye. I like to use non conventional items to add dimension and height to my space such as a tiered basket or simple cake stand. Dividers keep drawers less messy and it makes it so much easier to return items to their "home". Try it, maybe you will hear less "Mom, where's the tape?". Ok, You will definitely hear that again but less often. If you have the option of giving each member of your family their own drawer, even better but if not small personalized pencil cases  make homework time run more smoothly. One of my favorite items for this type of project include the family art gallery sign which allows you to proudly display artwork and keep it from piling up on the fridge. I've recently made similar signs with hooks that are perfect for face masks during these unusual times. I prefer to customize them with family names or favorite quote so they can be used for other items in the future. Whether it's back to school as usual, home schooling or a virtual classroom, now is the time to prepare! We have all been improvising and living the new normal is a little out of our hands. However, our homes are our one space we have full control, make it consistent, make it comfortable, make it your family's normal.


I'd love to see your family command centers! please, send me some pics and let me know if you tried any of my solutions!

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